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Asian Fusion Food!

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Within the last ten years or so, there has been a great insurgence of what is known as the “Indian-Chinese restaurants” explosion in urban areas worldwide. I thought it would only be right for me to go to one of these restaurants, so I thought why not go to one that I sincerely enjoy?

Last weekend, I had some friends visiting from Baltimore and, of course everyone wants to have something new and different. I decided on taking them to “Tangra Asian Fusion” in Sunnyside, Queens having been there myself a bunch of times in the past. The venue is presentable and is well decorated compared to the original “Tangra” location on Grand Street.

As soon as you walk in you’re greeted with massively heavy doors to open. After that, what you will see are strategically placed tables and chairs throughout a very large restaurant dining room. The place is wonderfully decorated with a blend of styles from all over the world. After being seated with all the friends, I had kindly placed an order for “Lollipop Chicken”, which is basically chicken wings batter deep-fried to a crisp and served with a secret creamy orange based sauce (I have the recipe if you want it). As imagined, the chicken was a hit with everyone and you can’t really go wrong with it as a small appetizer. While everyone else was chewing down the Lollipop Chicken, I placed the order for “Chili Chicken Dry” (my personal favorite), “Shrimp Chow Mein” and “Chicken Tangra Masala” with gravy (it’s named after the place, so you have to order it!). All the dishes are served with white Basmati rice (expect the noodle dishes) and generally, each dish is priced around 10 dollars, which for a group of 4, three dishes and an appetizer will be more than enough food.

When the main course came out it was steaming and as expected, it was full of  flavor. The Chili Chicken Dry was tender and loaded with flavor. The Shrimp Chow Mein tasted delicious with fresh noodles that seemed to have been prepared specifically for our dish (even though that wasn’t the case) and the Chicken Tangra Masala was full of spicy flavor and taste; this dish is only complimented with the white rice, in my opinion. Since the portion sizes are good, I always recommend to get a few dishes and try the ones that you normally wouldn’t. Another great option is that as with all dishes, they can be made to your level of spicy comfort; ranging from mild to extremely spicy. I would recommend medium, but the Tangra Chicken Masala might be too spicy for some, so use your judgment and ask the staff; they are helpful and very courteous.  At the end of the meal, everyone was extremely satisfied with the dinner and the level of service. In closing, I would recommend that if you are looking for something new, definitely go try out “Tangra Asian Fusion”, you won’t be disappointed.



  • Must have appetizer is Lollipop Chicken
  • Personal favorite entree is Chili Chicken Dry
  • Manchurian Chicken with gravy or noodles good bet as well
  • The Okra Tangra Masala is great vegetarian dish


  • Food: 4.5 – Food dishes full of flavor, large menu; items customizable to taste
  • Value: 4.5 – Very inexpensive; great comparing portion size
  • Service: 4.5 – Very pleasant service; Servers actually cared!
  • Lota-Pani: 5.0 - A very clean and spotless place.
  • Decor: 4.5 – Well designed place, very trendy; great layout and seating setup



Halal Grade

moon moon

  • Full halal menu
  • Patrons can have alcohol served



Phone: (718) 786-8008

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  • Dj Willie says:

    Never even heard of this place, sounds interesting.. never had fusion food.

  • Yusuf says:

    I love the lollipop chicken. You can’t go there and not have it. Tangra Masala was probably one of the original halal asian fusion restaurants and is my default for asian fusion.

  • Oh great ShanMasala we are going here Friday night so set it up!

  • tara says:

    hi..whats the recipe for the orange sauce for lollipop chicken..i love it! please share :)

  • ShanMasala says:

    this is sauce, you can vary it by taste.
    2 cups mayo (regular, dont use non fat)
    10 tablespoon Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
    1/2 tablespoon white vinegar or to taste!

  • Farhana says:

    Omg..I have been trying to find out the recipe for that sauce! Thank you so very much :) . Do you know by any chance where I can get sriracha hot chilli sauce in ny queens area?

  • ShanMasala says:

    its available pretty much anywhere in flushing. its also in all trade fair supermarkets in queens.
    thanks for supporting!

  • Sheuly says:

    I love this restaurant and their food. I always go there and i wish i can go everyday. Foods are great. Do you have the recipes of Manchurian Beef and Tangra Masala Chicken? Could you please post it if you have it. Thanks.

  • ShanMasala says:

    No sorry no recipes yet. I’ll post them up when I can confirm them

  • Foodlover says:

    Do you know where i can find the recipe for there Manchurian chicken with gravy?? it is to die for =D

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