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Getting The Kabab Fix!

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If you haven’t realized this by now, I really love meat. More particularly I enjoy my skewers and kababs kebabs (damn you spell check!) and as of late, I have been on a personal mission to find the best and dirt cheap kebabs here in New York City. I can honestly say, I have looked high and low and most of the time all these places usually end up in disappointment. Of course there are some exceptions to the rule (like the restaurant Istanbul, which we visited) and the Afghan Kebab restaurant called “Bakhtar”.

“Bakhtar Kabab” is an Afghan restaurant that’s been in the neighborhood for nearly ten years and has expanded from its early days as small little “to go” shop. The restaurant still has a lot of customers that come specifically for take out and it seems that those people and especially the students of Queens College & St John’s University (which are nearby) are a staple of their business. A couple of years ago, the original shop closed down and the owners moved the new restaurant a few doors down, where they expanded into t the size of two store fronts. The restaurant still has the same menu but improved on its “sit down” business. The owners did some remodeling and implemented a good seating section with decent tables, chairs and nice chandlers, however they still have neon menu signs that you would normally see at a fried chicken joint!

Last week, after Jumu’ah prayer, I met up with some friends and we all headed over to Bakthar for some grub. Finding parking at that time was pretty easy but after walking in, we realized the restaurant’s setup was very weird. It tries to be a sit down restaurant, but everything from the decor to the menu screams “take out”. After getting over the seating, placement and set up, we finally sat down. The menu is a simple back and forth plastic page with a bunch of different items including fried wings and gyros. Of course, there’s only one thing that people usually order, and that’s the Afghan rice with some combination of either lamb, chicken, beef, or kofta style skewers. We ordered various things to eat, such as the gyro with fries and some combination rice dishes that came with chicken, beef, beef kofta (minced meat) and lamb.

There are different combo dishes that include salad, rice and two skewers that start around $7.50. They have big portions and two people can get one of their 3-skewer combinations for around $11, so it’s not expensive at all.  The unique aspect about Bakhtar Kabab is their white sauce, yes their white sauce. Unlike other places and most of the street vendors whose white sauces are mayo based, Bakhtar’s white sauce is yogurt based. And trust me, you can pour that white gooey goodness on anything and I guarantee you that there will be a party in your mouth.

Overall, the service was friendly and the food came out fast, so we had no complaints. At the end of the day, we were stuffed and had to have the rice & chicken wrapped in a doggie-bag. Overall, I would recommended anyone in the area to check it out if you’re craving a good meat and rice dish and are short on change!



  • Any meat combination dish
  • Try the white sauce and notice the difference


  • Food: 4.0 – Scrumptious dishes with plenty of rice.
  • Value: 5.0 – The best value for Afghan food anywhere!
  • Service: 4.0 – Fast and helpful staff; People really care to provide good food.
  • Lota-Pani: 4.0 - Very clean restaurant & restrooms, even has prayer room in the back
  • Decor: 2.0 – A lot more is desired, place is confused between take out and sit down



Halal Rating

moon moon moon

  • Fully verified Halal
  • Prayer Room in the back


68-26 Fresh Meadow Ln Queens, NY 11365


Phone: (718) 762-5572

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