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Mamoun’s at St. Marks

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Cheap eats are always a big hit for everyone on the go and sometimes nothing is better than having a little sandwich at late night when everything else is closed.  Fortunately, living in New York there’s always a place in the middle of the night where I can go and get some good food.

A few days ago, I was hanging with a friend of mine and we were just talking about life and really getting to know each other better (yes, it was one of those talks). As usual, I had been running around all day and was hungry, since we were in the East Village about to meet up with some friends, I knew I was gonna go to to “Mamoun’s” for a falafel.

Mamoun’s is a very popular place for Middle Eastern food, the specialty being their falafel (which are now priced at $2.50). There are two locations currently, the original one which is on MacDougal St. on the West Side and the more recent one on St. Marks Place (8th Street between 3rd Ave and Ave A in the East Village) which happens to always be buzzing with activity. The area is noted for having many restaurants and shops tucked into every corner; with everything from yakitori joints to tattoo parlors, jewelry stands, pizza shops, yoga studios, indie music vendors, and much more. It’s a great place for people to watch and get some really yummy and affordable food.

While, I could have easily gone to the original Mamouns shop in Greenwich Village, I think it was only fair that I checked this place out since I never went to it. I can honestly say that this location is pretty much the same as the other location on MacDougal Street: It features the same menu, the same setup and even the same seating (not too roomy at all). However, at only $2.50, this falafel sandwich is quite a bargain. The sandwich itself is big, but didn’t seem to have much falafel in it. The falafel pita contains some salad items, and there’s probably around three falafel balls in it. They are flattened and sliced up, so it’s difficult to tell how many you get, but it’s quite delicious. Other than the falafel, they have a very delicious chicken sandwich (which I personally would get with hummus). The chicken has a great charred flavor and is normally very tender and moist. If chicken isn’t your thing, then have the Sharwarma. It one of the best available in the city and has a meaty-salty flavor. Now, the only issue is that a few trusted brothers have brought to my attention that the ownership has changed and the meats aren’t halal anymore, however speaking to the brother at the shop he did confirm to me it was halal, so as prescribed, I will take his word for it. Lastly, Mamoun’s is known for the various awards it has won over years and it’s definitely a great spot to have a quick and cheap bite.



  • Falafel Sandwich
  • Chicken-Kebab with Hummus
  • Shawarma with hot sauce
  • In the cold months, get the burning hot green tea!


  • Food: 4.0 – Good sandwiches, great hummus and pipping not tea
  • Value: 5.0 – $2.50 for a falafel sandwiches, you cant be that!
  • Service: 4.0 – service with a smile, so no complaints
  • Lota-Pani: 3.5 - clean as expected to be; no restrooms
  • Decor: 2.5 – wooden benches and outside seating was it!



Halal Rating


  • Verbal halal verification by staff
  • Trusted people state otherwise


22 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003


Phone: (212) 387-7747


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  • Fahadalicous says:

    I think there are much better places to get your Shawarma Fix but if you got $2.50 in your pocket and are looking for lunch then there is no better falafel joint in the city! Its a must try for everyone!

  • pssst...don't drink the koolaid says:

    good review, but you left it @ only falafels, but they got meat stuff too. On several occasions some of us have asked them if they serve halal and there replies left us a little confused. Did you get something similar?

  • ShanMasala says:

    yeah, that the confusing part, depending on who is there and who is serving the meats are either halal or they aren’t.. so thats why i wouldn’t recommend it.. especially since the falafel is what they are known for.

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