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Country Style Bakery

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Last week, an old friend was back in town after months of being out of the country and since we all had already eaten, we decided to find a nice little dessert spot to catch up and chat about life. After throwing out a few suggestions, we all decided to go to “Martha’s Country Bakery” in Forest Hills.

Martha’s Country Bakery opened its doors in 1972 in NYC in Hell’s Kitchen and then had relocated to Astoria, then opened another shop on Austin Street in Forrest Hills (that’s the one we visited if you weren’t following). The shop is  small and is literally packed day and night. We arrived there after 10pm and still had to wait for a table in the back to open up. The people behind Martha’s Bakery have set up their store and seating in a way to literally make you into a fat ass (let me explain how);  As soon as you walk by the store, you’ll see delicious looking icing oozing over the top of the cupcakes just glaring at you through the window and as soon as you get in, it gets worse! The place has an ultra-long glass counter where all of their mouth-watering confections are on display; tempting and tantalizing you in every little way. And its just not the cupcakes either, they also have on display all their cookies, cakes, pies, gelato, brownies, blondies, espresso and the list goes on & on.

After finally being seated and going through the menu (its only a dessert menu; no food) I had decided that everyone would get something different so we could get a taste of everything. The waitress was nice and gave her recommendations and observations. We ended up getting a couple of pieces of cake (black forest & strawberry shortcake), a couple of cupcakes (coconut & red velvet), a baklava and few coffee based drinks. The cakes aren’t good, they weren’t moist as to my liking and seemed to be without the basic flavors I was expecting. The cupcakes on the other hand were very delicious. The red velvet was good (nothing like our trip to Cakeman) however, the coconut cupcake was very gratifying. It tasted like real coconuts and the creme icing was not too overpowering either.  The baklava was different; not in a bad sense but not the usual Middle-Eastern/Greek type I am used to, it was more sweet and came with a honey based syrup. Lastly, the drinks were as expected and the cafe late is my recommendation to anyone looking for a warm drink.

Overall, this place is worth checking out and probably one of the best bakeries in Queens. As far as the dent in the wallet, the cakes were around $4 the cupcake around $2.50 and depending on the drink, it was  around $3, so its not expensive at all and adding the good service, it’s worth going to.



  • Any cupcake here is toothsome and a safe bet
  • Skip out on the slices of cake
  • Try the baklava if your looking for something ethnic
  • They have a sugar-free cookie selection


  • Food: 4.0 -Mouthwatering and savory cupcakes and pastries; However nothing overly-spectacular
  • Value: 3.5 – Really does vary by what is ordered, but reasonable for most items. Cupcakes are priced right, while cake pieces should be cheaper.
  • Service: 4.0 – Great servers and hostesses; drinks can end up taking some time coming out
  • Lota-Pani: 4.5 - Relativity pristine; clean tables, chairs and location
  • Decor: 3.0 – decoration could be improved; very cozy spot



Halal Rating

Non Applicable

  • Fondant Cupcakes are not Halal


70-30 Austin Street Forest Hills, NY 11375


Phone: 718.544.0088


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