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Become a Moti

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Part of the Muslim tradition at UMass includes late nights and the urge to want to eat halal food. There are a few restaurants in the area, but they are more than 20 miles away which makes it a journey to take everyone to go eat. Recently I was looking through the school newspaper and saw a review for Moti, a Persian/Mediterranean restaurant that just opened in town. It talked about gyros and a “famous NY chicken/lamb and rice” dish so I decided I’d go and find out if it was halal. Low and behold, much to my amazement it was! It is not Moti meaning overweight woman, rather it is meant to be a pearl.

Since that time, we have been going to Moti’s at least once a week and have become regulars at the┬árestaurant. It’s a small place with a very nice wait staff, the food is good, the price isn’t too expensive and you feel filled when you leave. There are a number of halal dishes on the menu (there are some non halal too) so you can choose from a few different things of what you want to eat.

They have raised their prices on a few items since December so the Famous NY chicken/lamb and rice is now 7.95 instead of 6.95 which for college students makes a big deal. It is great for late night on Thursdays – Saturdays as it is open until 2 AM and soon there will be delivery so no more trying to convince people to go, if you want it you can soon order it. Overall, I like the place and would suggest it to others, just be sure to ask what is halal that day as it changes based on supply of what is available.



  • Famous NY chicken/lamb and rice
  • Gyro – it is bigger than the shawarma and the same price
  • Lemonade – it has rose water in it, very sweet but very good


  • Food: 4.0 – very close to NY style chicken/lamb with rice
  • Value: 3.0 – for a sit down place in town decent priced but for college students kind of expensive
  • Service: 4.0 – very nice wait staff
  • Lota-Pani: 4.0 -bathroom is in the back of the restaurant through the kitchen, still very clean though
  • Decor: 4.0 – nice lighting and decorations through out the restaurant -



Halal Rating


  • Not all dishes halal.
  • Verify before ordering


25 North Pleasant St, Amherst MA


Phone: 413-259-2150

Website: not yet

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