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NanKing – New Hyde Park

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I want to start off by saying that there are a few different “NanKing” restaurants in the New York/New Jersey areas and the one we are reviewing is located in New Hyde Park (Long Island), New York. NanKing in a nutshell is Indian and Chinese cuisine that is served with style.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll be in awe with the decor. It’s very well decorated with dim and beautiful lighting and fixtures. This was easily one of the best decorated (halal) places we have seen. After being greeted and seated, we took a look at the menu. There are two cuisines that are served: one being Indian cuisine (no beef dishes) and the other a fusion on Asian style food (Chinese, Hakka, and Thai). The prices are what is to be expected, in other words it’s not cheap, expect to pay $15 an entree. An issue of concern I had was communicating with the staff. The staff that I encountered happened to be of Indian descent and had very strong accents, so it was challenging to communicate with them (just imagine being on the phone with Dell tech support).

Onto the food, which was just good. Nothing amazing, but the usual fare. One thing I can say for sure and that’s that the decor is definitely better than the food, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We ordered Chili Chicken, Cashew Shrimp, Shrimp Lo Mein, Hot & Sour and Vegetable & Chicken soups. The chili chicken is going to be spicy to the gora (white) people, but to us proud chest bumping Pakistanis it was mild with a hint of spicy. Good flavor all around, but nothing to make you say “Damn this is good!”. Cashew shrimp was an interesting combo. It’s cashews with shrimp in some sauce. Good stuff. The cashews bring a different texture to the shrimp and a bit of nutty flavor to the helpless sea creature on your plate.  The shrimp lo mein was how you would expect it to be, but other Chinese restaurants make it better (Halal Kitchen). Now, I’m not much of a soup person, and these two soups helped solidify my opinion. Hot & sour as you probably already know is a hot soup that is pretty tangy on the taste buds. lastly, the veggie & chicken soup was ordinary. Broth with chopped up vegetables and chicken. It’s nothing fancy unless you think ginger ale is a miraculous drink  that doesn’t get you drunk.

NanKing kind of makes you wonder why they put so much effort into the decor when the food isn’t up to par. I think it’s because the decor is the main part of the experience at NanKing. This isn’t to say the food is bad, it’s far from it, it’s just that with such beautiful decor, one would expect the food to play the part too. Recommended to people who want to delve into the atmosphere more so than the food, which is the case sometimes.



  • Cashew Shrimp
  • Chili Chicken (get it done spicier if you want your taste buds to commit suicide though)
  • Their non-alcoholic drinks are really good. It will make you look cool with an umbrella in that chilled curvy glass for 5 seconds before you snap back into reality.


  • Food: 3.0 – Nothing amazing. The decor does give you false hope about the food.
  • Value: 2.5 – Not cheap at all, but could be much worse.
  • Service: 3.5 – Wait staff could be better, but gosh darnit they try!
  • Lota-Pani: 4.5 - Very clean, amazing bathrooms. (Try the hand dryer!)
  • Decor: 5.0 – One of the best decors we have seen at any place.



Halal Rating


  • Alcohol served
  • Verbal verification


2056 Hillside Ave
New Hyde Park, NY 11044


Phone:  (516) 352-0009


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One Comment

  • nadir khan says:

    um i live near nanking and have been their for many parties and functions, and they “say their food is halal” but they have no stamp or verification to prove it. Better yet I know the owner’s kid, who is from the state of Punjab and is of the Hindu faith. Dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong being of a different faith, But I feel that they just say their food is halal if you ask, meaning they have no signs up or anything on their menus that there food is halal.

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