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The Crown Jewel of New England..

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I had heard so many times about how the “Crown Fried Chicken” in Worcester MA is the most amazing place on Earth. Over and over I would have to hear stories from friends about how everything is halal and how they make trips there all the time to go eat. Recently, I went to a friend’s house for a hangout and like expected, everyone said “Let’s go to CFC”. On the way I kept thinking to myself, “How good could it possibly be? After all, I come from Jamaica NY, the land of Crown Fried Chickens”. It was definitely reassuring to see people praying in the back of the restaurant and the staff was fun to talk to.

One word explains the experience, amazing. I had expectations of CFC and boy did it live up to and destroyed what I had in mind. The atmosphere itself was amazing, a large restaurant where people can sit without having to worry if there is space or how long they will be there for. No worries about parking or anything as they have there own area to park and boy was the food amazing.

I judge CFC’s based on how they make a chicken cheese steak: if it is cooked well, how it’s presented and above all taste. In the past I have driven all the way to Philadelphia to get a proper halal cheese steak and the one I got at CFC blew even that away. Perfectly made with American cheese, well cooked chicken, onions and green peppers, my mouth is watering just writing about it. I had bites of everything my friends and I got and everything was superb. The buffalo wings were perfectly spicy and the cheeseburgers were delicious. I ended the night by getting an ice cream cone, the ice cream can’t mess with the ice cream at Crown’s in NYC but it was definitely good as well. All in all, I absolutely loved the experience and highly recommend it to others.



  • Chicken Cheese Steak – didn’t have the beef but chicken was amazing
  • Buffalo wings – kinda wish they had boneless but the boned ones were very good
  • Double Cheeseburger – for $3.75 you can’t really go wrong if you only want a sandwich


  • Food: 4.5 – far exceeded expectations
  • Value: 4.0 – Fried chicken is kinda expensive but everything else is cheap
  • Service: 4.0 – food was made quickly and the staff was fun to talk to
  • Lota-Pani: 3.0 – there was water on the floor and a few squares of toilet paper
  • Decor: 3.0 – regular sit in or take out place -



Halal Rating

moon moon moon

  • Everything is halal except for the ribs


443 Lincoln Street

Worcester, MA 01605


Phone: 508-595-0220

Website: N/A

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