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Oasis Grill & Pizza

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I had been missing good Halal food for a while when a friend discovered Oasis Grill & Pizza in Providence, Rhode Island. After a little insistence, we made the  half-hour trip and I was pleasantly surprised to find an Oasis in Rhode Island (pun intended). After arriving, we were met with a very nice waitress who let us sit where we wanted. It is important to note that Oasis serves Hookah. There is a separate family dining area if you’re trying to escape a smoking atmosphere.

One of the times we went we got boneless buffalo wings as an appetizer; another time we had the hummus. I really liked the hummus and enjoyed the presentation of the dish and was appreciative for an appropriate amount of bread for the amount of hummus given. I hate going to restaurants that give a bunch of hummus and not enough bread, but that’s not a problem at Oasis. The buffalo wings were pretty good but I would recommend the hummus over it.

As for entrées, I’ve tried a bunch of the things on the menu, from the buffalo chicken sandwich to the 1/2 pound burgers, but above all my favorite was definitely the steak & cheese on a sub. They cook the steak to perfection and then oozy cheese (my mouth is watering just typing about it). The buffalo chicken sandwich is a little too buffaloey (hard to describe but as a person who LOVES buffalo chicken, something just seemed off). The buffalo chicken pizza is good and a great item to share amongst friends as you wait for more items.

They have various deserts and teas as well. I prefer going to the store in the back and getting some baklava. The store in the back is great, especially for a poor student like me. They have chicken and beef steaks and a wide variety of essentials needed to cook. The store also sells hookahs and other affiliated items.

Oasis is right across the street from the Islamic Center of Rhode Island.



Hummus as an appetizer

Steak & Cheese on a sub – add the fries for only 99 cents more

Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Food: 3.0 – Buffalo Chicken was a little off (too much buffalo sauce)

Value: 4.0 – very reasonably priced

Service: 4.5 – Great service from all the staff, very friendly

Decor: 4.0 – well decorated

Overall - 3.5/5


Halal Rating

Full Halal Menu – Halal Meat store in back of Restaurant


220 Broad St, Providence RI 02903


Phone: (401)228-6333

Website: – Website doesn’t work

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