Passionate Hunger

hungrymuslim.com is a community based website & blog of places that a hungry Muslim would want to go to eat! The website is focused on celebrating food enthusiasm through blogs and online community. The unique style and combination of the community and content brings together distinctive voices of food bloggers and spirited, inclusive, conversations about all things food- and drink-related. The focus primarily will be on venues & popular cities all over the world, with the goal of finding new places always on the plate (you get it .. plate!!).

The How & Why.

How this whole website came to fruition is a story in itself. Basically, it started with ShanMasala always being the “go to” guy for his friends & family to find new and good places to go out to eat. After a couple of years of intensive thought, ShanMasala with the help of “NanKing” Umair started up the website. Different ideas and names were thrown around, but nothing really blossomed as we perceived it. After a few rough drafts, the current concept was envisioned. The site was developed over time, step by step with plans & ideas focusing on creating new content that wasn’t available yet. This entail create hungrymuslim.com, which really is a website that would help people (specifically Muslim guys & gals) to find better places to eat and enjoy life. We feel having an online community contributes honest reviews and recommendations of eateries where everyone can go to spend their hard earned buck. We hope this website will become some thing that every one can use to their advantage, so please join us in this quest and share your ideas and thoughts!


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Not only do we have this site, but we also use Twitter for some behind-the-scenes glimpses; quick and kooky tidbits that don’t necessarily merit a full-on blog posts. Follow us @hungrymuslim

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And for the up to date information about what are up to, join our Facebook Fan Page. Every time we post up a new review, we let all our fans know about it first! Its also a quick and simple way to get feedback from the online community.

Kudos 2 You!

Lastly, thank you for your time for checking out the website, we hope to make it into something that we can all be proud of and please share your ideas and feedback.

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