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Posted on May 20

HungryMuslim Food Journey Around America

We’re BACK everyone! Sorry for such a long delay in posting – we’ve been incredibly busy. Many ask where are moderate Muslims? This journey for food is more than just a trip for food, this project is to show how we’re normal people too, and we love food too! In August, after the month of...

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Posted on Feb 15

Oasis Grill & Pizza

Oasis Grill & Pizza located in Providence, Rhode Island is great for Halal American food. With a large dining room and separate family dining area, it is perfect for families looking to eat out....

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Posted on Jan 30

Ming III

Ming III is a halal fusion restaurant in Westborough, MA. With a beautiful decor and great service, Ming III offers good halal Chinese for a reasonable price in a hospitable setting. It is great for families and friends and can accommodate larger groups as well....

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Posted on Feb 24

Fatima’s Halal Kitchen

On a look out for ChineseĀ  food the other day, I ran into a friend one afternoon after jummah and we headed over to Astoria for some grub. We ended up at this infamous place called Fatima’s Halal Kitchen on Broadway. This little small restaurant has been keeping the muslim community in New York happy...

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