Frequently Ask Questions

How did this website start?

This website started because ShanMasala noticed many of his friends asking him about new places to go to eat. And since he always finds new places, he ended up going to places that provided great memories and other places that he wished to forget. Since he had a diverse  group of friends growing up, it seemed natural to find places that everyone could go out to and enjoy themselves while still having something good to eat. So one day after careful thought and years of calculation, it finally came to fruition. Alhumdullah.

Who’s behind this site?

Initially this site was my brain-child and was set up with “NanKing” Umair but it didn’t really belong to us; it wasn’t something I did for myself, so I got in touch with some of my best talented friends and it grew. We are looking for more brothers/sister to help find great places and write.


Are you guys seriously looking for writers/contributors?

Yes, we really are! We would like to have more contributors and writers at the moments in cites all over the world. Please message us with your information at info[at]hungrymuslim.com

Are you affiliated or involved with zabihah.com?

We are not involved or affiliated with zabihah.com. We respect what they do, however, we believe in being more than a resource or a listing. We personally go to places we review and recommend them (or not) based on our experiences. This is a community project & we do this for the community

Can I advertise with you?

hungrymuslim.com is a not-for-profit website. We may add advertisement later on to benefit site function and costs of maintenance. Feel free to contact us is you have any further questions.

Why does this site not look correct?

Chances are that your using Internet Explorer version 6 & since Microsoft doesn’t support it, we feel we shouldn’t either. There is no reason why your not using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Opera!

Are you seriously Muslims? What type of Muslims are you?

People working with HungryMuslim.com come from various backgrounds and beliefs. We are mainly all Muslims and as far as type, we are the best kind out there!

Do you review halal food restaurants?

In a short answer Yes, but we aren’t just a halal review site.  It’s  more about finding good food then just reviewing halal restaurants. We set it up as a way to benefit the community as a whole.

Where are you located?

The different writers and contributors on the website are all in different areas of the world. Luckily, we have people in many areas in the United States. ShanMasala (the chap behind this) is primary located in New York City.

Can you sponsor me to come to the United States?

Of course we can, we are definitely the people to help you with that! Just message us at wearenotgonnagetyouavisa@hungrymuslim.com

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