Rating System

Breaking It All Down.

So, how do we rate and rant about the places we go to?

The process of any review on this site is  very simple &  precise. When starting up this site, we knew we needed a fair & honest review system. We all felt that if in any way the person who is serving us is under the impression that we are reviewing their spot (restaurant, street cart, etc) it would not be the same as if it was you or me getting food like normal. With that in mind, we make sure that the no one knows that we are even reviewing the spot we are at.


  • Never is it stated that we are reviewing
  • Pictures are taken in the utmost discretion (hence, why they aren’t the best)
  • Food is paid out of our own pockets

The rules are set to guarantee and ensure our reviews are honest at the time we went to the particular location, if any of this was compromised, it really wouldn’t be what we are trying to do here. We would also like to point out that just because one spot ranked high or low with us, doesn’t mean that’s  how it always is. If you feel that a place wasn’t fairly rated, please rate on the bottom, as well as comment and let us know.

Rating System

It’s only essential that we have a fair rating system that’s clear and to the point. In fairness to all the different vendors, cooks, and places that we will be reviewing and experiencing, all the hot spots places will be graded on a scale from 1 to 5 and there will be five main categories that will be focused upon. There will also be an overall grade as well as important recommendations.


  • Food is the first category and this should be self explanatory. Grading on the food not only includes taste (still the main focus) but also the freshness of the items and the degree of flavor.
  • The second category is Value. Value takes into consideration the place, amount of food, and most importantly the cost factor (Cause we know at heart your a cheapskate, but we still love you!).
  • Third category is Service. Whether its the nice waiter at the place or the fat smelly guy serving food on the corner street; it really does matter if you’re served with respect and of course a smile!
  • Lota-pani, was a category that was asked by a friend, who stated how vital it is to judge how clean the location is, especially the tables, floors, and bathrooms.
  • Lastly, the final category is Decor. Of course, this will vary and only be applicable to certain places but we all know how important this can be.

The overall grade is based on all the grades as well as  the overall experience of the venue. There may be times that the grades might be low and the place might get a over all high grade or vice verse. This may happen due to one thing or another and will be listed.


As with everything else, we will also rate on the halal factor of the place. More information about this on the Halal or Not?! page at the top. If a place considers or states they serve halal food, they will be rated in from 1 to 3 crescent moons (yes we are fully aware how cheesy this is). If there aren’t any moons it usual means its non applicable. The reason a place will get one moon instead of three depends on various factors and will be listed by the post. As with everything, its possible mistakes are made, so please do your own research.

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